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Injury Claims and Michigan Law

In Michigan, an injured person can obtain compensation from an individual, company or insurer when wrongdoing, or fault, causes the injury. Our liability laws are different from other states, especially in truck, automobile and motorcycle collisions and injuries caused by others. Please see the specific topics for more information.

If carelessness or negligence caused the injury, the victim can obtain compensation for lost income from work and the cost of medical care and treatment. If death was the result, the individual’s survivors deserve payment for loss of the loved one's care, comfort, society and support. In many instances money can also be awarded for the intangible, but very real effect the injury has on a person's ability to lead a normal life. This could include pain and suffering, but also involve mortification, humiliation, fright, shock and embarrassment.

Our experienced lawyers are skilled in presenting damage claims to ensure that all elements of loss are proven, so that you receive an adequate award.