How the process works

If you’ve never worked with a lawyer on a legal claim involving motor vehicle accidents or other serious injuries, don’t worry. At Steeg & Glista Law, our 35 years’ experience makes the whole process as easy and understandable as possible for you.

Your individual circumstances are unique, but the overall process for securing compensation for personal injuries is pretty much the same:

FREE CONSULTATION: We’ll have an honest conversation with you about how you were injured; the physical, emotional, and financial impacts of those injuries; and what claims you may be entitled to under Michigan law.

We know people in circumstances like yours are suffering, so we take the time to really listen to the effects your injury and recovery have had on you, as well as understand the significant challenges you face.

And we encourage you to take as much time as you need to explain the facts and circumstances that caused your injuries – while treating you with the utmost compassion, honesty, and respect.

EXPLAINING YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS: Many injured people don’t know if they have any legal rights or not. We’ll take the confusion out of it for you and give you our honest legal opinion about your case, and what steps you need to take next.

INVESTIGATION: Most claims will require some sort of investigation to prove who was at fault. At Steeg & Glista Law, we’re experts at exposing the truth through our investigations, securing the evidence needed to prove your claims.

ONCE WE FILE: Once we have all the needed evidence, we prepare your claim, which is filed against the insurance company on your behalf. There’s no need for you to become an expert in dealing with insurance company red tape; we take care of all that for you.

SETTLING OUT OF COURT: Most insurance providers will put up a fight. We know how to present your claim in its most favorable light, and don’t back down from any area where maximum compensation may be due you.

Typically, insurance providers prefer to settle out of court. So when our negotiations are successful and we can secure your rightful compensation without a trial, we do so – with your agreement, of course.

FILING A LAW SUIT: Should our negotiations not succeed, we proceed to file a law suit against the negligent party. This lets the insurance company lawyers know we’re serious, and we’re not going away.

During our initial consultation, we’ll explain the legal proceedings that may apply to specific case in more detail.

GOING TO TRIAL: We’re frequently able to help our clients avoid the stress of a trial by getting a better settlement in the time it takes their case to get to the actual courtroom.

But when no settlement is reached along the way, we proceed to a jury trial.

This is where our legal experts really excel. We don’t back down in our pursuit of the compensation you deserve, and know just how to present your case to the jury to give your greatest chance of success.

TRUTH AND INTEGRITY THROUGHOUT: You’ll always be informed of any action we take on your behalf. We’ll handle your claim with the highest degree of honesty and integrity, and we’ll treat you the same way. Both settlements and trials can be challenging, but you’ll always know where you stand – and you’ll have us by your side every step of the way.

So if you were seriously injured and you’re not sure if you have a claim – or what to expect when you get lawyers involved – we hope this overview has instilled enough confidence in you to schedule a no cost, no obligation appointment with our personal injury experts. 

Remember, at Steeg & Glista Law, your initial consultation is always free, you’ll never pay attorney fees until there’s a financial recovery, and our experts will always treat you with the compassion, respect, and integrity you deserve. Contact our office today!

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