Injured in a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle riders take a disproportionately high risk every time they ride.

In fact, recent studies by the National Transportation Safety Board show that motorcyclists are nine times more likely than car passengers to be seriously injured – and 37 times more likely to die – in a collision.

What’s more, motorcycle crashes that involve other vehicles are almost always caused by other vehicles violating the motorcyclist’s right of way.

So if you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident that’s not your fault, you need an aggressive attorney who won’t let your rights take a back seat to anybody. You need the motorcycle accident experts at Steeg & Glista Law.

With over 35 years’ experience standing up for injured motorcyclists in West Michigan, we’ve successfully recovered for victims against the devastating effects of motorcycle accidents that involve too much injury, loss, and even death.

We know the physical, financial, and other life-altering damages from being injured in a motorcycle accident can be extensive. Recovery times can be extremely long. And the physical and emotional toll can last a lifetime.

That’s why the expert motorcycle accident attorneys at Steeg & Glista Law don’t just make the entire claims process far easier and less stressful for you ­– we can also get you far higher compensation than if you tried to fight on your own.

Our legal experts know how to find evidence less experienced attorneys might miss. We have a deep understanding of the issues surrounding motorcycle accident cases, and can identify every claim that applies to your motorcycle accident case. We know Michigan No Fault law inside and out, what additional claims apply in your case, and how to get you every penny you deserve.


Call the most trusted motorcycle accident legal attorneys in West Michigan today: Steeg & Glista Law. Consultations are always free, you’ll never pay a penny in attorney fees unless there’s a financial recovery, and our legal experts we will never steer you wrong.

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