Injured in a truck accident?

Any one driving on Southwest Michigan highways is no stranger to semi truck traffic. I-94, US 131, I-96, and a variety of Michigan highways host millions of motorists annually – thankfully, typically without incident.

But when weather, road conditions, visibility, or semi driver fatigue set in, even the most experienced commercial truck or tractor/trailer driver can get caught off guard. And the damage that results can be instantaneous, catastrophic, and far-reaching.

In fact, one in eight auto accidents with fatalities involves large commercial rigs. And their life-threatening nature can make big truck accidents especially traumatizing to survivors.

No wonder the trucking company already has its insurance team working to reduce the company’s exposure and prevent a blemish on its name immediately after an accident.

Your priority is attention for your health. And you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. Which is why you need to contact an expert truck accident attorney as soon as possible if you or a family member has been hurt.

With over 35 years’ truck accident experience, the knowledgable and aggressive truck accident attorneys at Steeg & Glista Law know exactly where to look to uncover key evidence that can help prove the truck driver was at fault, and are fiercely protective of evidence at the scene. We’ll conduct a thorough and meticulous investigation, expose hidden facts, and do everything within the law to get you the best settlement possible.

And because we primarily serve clients here in West Michigan, Steeg & Glista Law’s truck accident experts are known and trusted by local and State police and courts and judges alike. All of which gives your truck accident case its best chance of its most favorable outcome when you put it in the hands of Steeg & Glista Law’s experienced truck accident attorneys.


Call or email the most trusted truck accident attorneys in West Michigan today: Steeg & Glista Law. Your consultation is always free, you’ll never pay attorney fees unless you get a financial recovery, and our caring, compassionate attorneys will never steer you wrong.

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