Michigan Dog Bite Claims

Every year, millions of people are bitten by dogs due to the dog owners’ lack of responsibility. If you or your family member is one of them, you know the pain and suffering from a severe dog bite is far more than physical.

Under Michigan law, absolute liability rests with the dogs owner in dog bite cases, unless the animal was provoked.

So if you or a family member is the victim of an injury caused by a dog, your first step is to seek immediate medical attention. And your next step is to consult with an expert personal injury lawyer from Steeg & Glista Law.

Injuries from dogs are traumatic enough. Dont make your situation even worse by assuming you have no right to recover damages.

If you or your child was injured by a dog, please call the personal injury experts at Steeg & Glista Law. Your consultation is always free, and you’ll never pay an attorney fee unless there’s a financial recovery. So you have nothing to lose by scheduling your appointment today!

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