Social Security Disability

If youve been denied social security benefits, dont give up until youve talked with the expert attorneys at Steeg & Glista Law.

Under the Social Security Act created by the federal government, people who cant work my be entitled to certain rights:

  • people who are unable to continue working because of serious physical or mental impairments may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability benefits
  • people suffering from serious physical or mental impairments, even with inconsistent work histories, may be entitled to receive Supplemental Security Income if the family’s assets and income are minimal.

If your application for social security benefits has been denied, call us before you exercise your right to appeal. We can help you establish medical evidence that proves your impairments are so serious that you are unable to work in any capacity within the labor force.

We know being unable to work creates a financial hardship, so we only represent you during the social security appeals process on a contingency fee basis – meaning if you dont recover your past due benefits, you pay us nothing.

Contact Steeg & Glista Law today for a free, no-obligation social security disability consultation. You’ll never pay us an attorney fee unless there’s a financial recovery, so there’s no reason not to schedule your free consultation today.

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