Workers Compensation

If you can’t work due to an on-the-job injury or occupational illness, you may have rights to compensation though your employer’s Workers’ Compensation policy.

In Michigan, Workers’ Compensation law is “non-fault” in nature. Which means you can recover benefits for work injuries or occupational diseases from your employer’s insurance company – even if your injury isn’t your fault, or the fault of your employer.

What’s more, there’s no requirement that you have a specific event or accident at work to recover benefits.

That’s good news, because Workers’ Compensation cash settlements can be substantial – and benefits potentially lifelong in nature. For example, work injuries which result in the loss of a limb require you to be compensated – even if you are able to continue working.

There are three types of Workers’ Compensation benefits you can recover under Michigan law:

  • benefits for lost wages
  • medical benefits for the cost of your care and treatment
  • vocational rehabilitation benefits

So if you were injured on the job or acquired an illness due to an occupational hazard, don’t hesitate to call the experienced attorneys at Steeg & Glista Law to find out more about your legal claim. We’re experts at identifying Workers’ Compensation and related claims, and negotiating with your employer’s insurance company on your behalf.

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